Welcome to Bosch Ceramic Art Studio.

Anton and Hanlie studied fine arts at the Pretoria Technikon majoring in drawing and painting. They work from their studio, Bosch Ceramic Art Studio, on the outskirts of White River in Mpumalanga, South Africa, where they produce a variety of contemporary ceramics.

Anton established himself as a potter in whose work the painterly aspects plays a significant role. Some examples from the prolific collection of his current work - from porcelain vases and bowls, to wall murals and tiles, hand-built porcelain vessels and ink drawings with a strong symbolic message. His work has been exhibited extensively in South Africa and it is featured in various national and international collections.

Hanlie’s work expresses her parallel interest in the medium of both clay and painting. Apart from colourfully decorated plates and bowls, Hanlie’s ceramics comprise mostly hand-built pieces and sculptures. She is well known for her figurines of dancers and gymnasts, as well as clay heads with otherworldly expressions.