Hanlie Bosch

The main theme of my work is faces, figures and animals in space. Pieces should be vibrant in colour and contemplative”.

Hanlie’s work amply expresses her parallel interest in the mediums of both clay and painting. Even though she shares a studio and gallery with her husband, ceramist Anton Bosch, her art is distinctively different with a style and approach uniquely her own.

Apart from sensitively and colourfully decorated plates and platters, Hanlie’s ceramics comprise mostly hand-built pieces and sculptures, she is well known her expressive, animated clay figurines of dancers and gymnasts, for contemplative, compelling clay heads with other-worldly expressions and cats with a sphinx-like quality.

Hanlie’s ability to reveal through faces and figures a depth of meaning finds expression in ceramic wall-hung, pipe-figurines. These highly tactile and decorative pipe ‘couples’ and pipe ‘families’ are at the same time humorous and

Her watercolours and oil paintings are characterised by fresh, quick brushwork and vivid colour. The main theme of her work is ‘faces, figures and animals in space.’